Tutorials, tips, tricks and tools

Yeah, Stuff. Tutorials, Tips, tricks and tools.

I’ve been working in the TV and VFX world now for around 20 years.

Yep, I’m that old.  and as such I’ve had to find quite a few ways to get around things.

I could give you a list of ‘for instances’ here but instead of that I intend to give you a something much better.  Each month I intend to put out a quick tutorial here to show you how to do all sorts of things. Some After Effects, some Photoshop, some Fusion, some 3D.  All sorts of work arounds and hints, tips and tricks.

As well as tutorials, you’ll also get free elements and animation setups as well.

I’m also a superman of open source and free software, so I’ll be passing on as much of that as I can as well.  Not just Blender, everyone knows about that, but other software that I use regularly to get around some of the more expensive routes to a great finished product.

I know I couldn’t have done some of things I’ve done without help, and I want to give back to you some of that as well.

Keep coming back to this page and you’ll find stuff appearing quite regularly.

See you soon.

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